Ereky Culture

This documentation is inspired by Reed Hastings's Netflix Culture and Alibaba's Company Value adjusted to suit Ereky's Culture.

This memo is written to create a better understanding of the Ereky’s culture and how we differ from other organization.

Ereky (Formerly, GreenTech Biolab) was founded in 2010 by an eccentric who envisioned a better world through the magic word "biotechnology" and strive to make it true.

Throughout the years, we undergo various of changes due to the misconception of trying to "fit in" into the society. As we tried to make the dream come true, we encountered various of obstacles - as the journey got rougher, we finally found out that it's impossible to ever "fit” into the society without pretending to be someone who we are not. We decided that it’ll be best for us to be who we really are and express our individuality and be true to ourselves.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, we want to be as clear as that Ereky isn’t a comfort zone where shareholders, employers or employees could lay back and feel “safe.” As mentioned previously, we are doing something different that the rest of the world. As “safe” and “change” does not go hand by hand, this will be a bumpy ride. We want everyone to be ready to embrace any obstacles which may unexpectedly occur anytime.

Each individual here must accept that it isnt wrong to be different, and we, as a team, will be the catalyst of the industry - screw all the fancy words such as innovations, disruptions, technologies, etc. – we are those who defy the norm; as our vision statement: "we envision a future where humanity prosper through the use of biotechnology.” Ereky strive to bring hope to and increase our customers’ quality of life by discovering new", we strive to overcome the boundaries of future biotechnologies and bring happiness and healthy life to everyone of you.

This document is about the environment and the culture that shaped us to be who we are and how will be in the distant future:

0. being trustworthy!

1. think out-of-the-box; go wild with your imagination!

2. don’t stay silent; express constructively!

3. be a leader, stay bold and decisive; seize the initiative!

4. diversify your skill!


These values are what shaped us to be what we are today even though we are different! We believe that an organization is nothing without the employees, the shareholders or the customers – unity in diversity.

Even though we encourage strong individuality, the purpose of our work and life should be the same. Some looked for an easy way out, while others struggle to live the hard way - at Ereky, we do not expect easy victory, as we're doing something different to what others are doing. Hence why we expect all individuals at Ereky will need to double -or- triple their effort.

We consider ourselves a team of sportsmen who shed blood, sweat and tears in order to accomplish our goal – that is to win the competition, to be the leader of the industry and create an impact big enough to create a solution through research and innovation. We are here to make a product or service that might not existed elsewhere. There will surely be doubts from all sides, however, none of those are


Before we start talking about our company culture, ask yourself, how do you trust others?

At Ereky, we want everyone in the organization to believe in each other, to trust and hold the responsibility of being “trusted” by others. Hence, we express the importance of the importance being a “trustworthy” individual. Being trustworthy does not equal being “punctual” or being “responsible.”

Having someone who believe what we believe generally make us feel stronger. It empowers us, because these people are the one who we can trust. Having someone we trust watching our back enables us to move forward without worry, effectively increasing our work efficiency and teamwork. We want our workplace to be a place where you feel “safe” against each other; hence why each individual are strongly assessed prior to acceptance.

Not everyone would fit into Ereky’s culture. We do understand that not everyone is the same; failing to fit in does not equates failure, you may not shine in Ereky but that does not stop you from shining at other places.


Flying suit?

A lightsaber?

The Afterlife?


Intergalactic travel?

The Philosopher's Stone?

A world where there is no violence?

Hundreds of years ago humans believed that the world was flat - many years later humans set foot on the forbidden soil of lunar - and just a decade ago people was calling Elon Musk a wacko for his plan for mass exodus to Mars!!

Humans have proven that everything starts from imaginations. Given the knowledge [and money], we can do the impossible possible. We do not believe in routine procedure [unless it is to standardize manufacturing] - MO exist as a basic guideline, but leaders have the tendency to figure out better ways to improve our procedure.

Just as no one knows that they didnt want a phone with buttons before - people doesnt always know what they want - imagination is always the key, think out of the box.

Follow what Steve Jobs always said, "stay hungry, stay foolish."


Our very first step to embracing individuality is, in 2021, where we started adopting the name Ereky to express our individuality. We accept that we want to be different; distinguished and renowned, just like Tesla and Apple.

Just as the phrase "beauty is in the eye of its beholder", each individual wear what they think is best fit for them to reflect how they look best. We believe how we dress express who we are to the world.

As different countries have different cultures; we want to create a strong culture of being true to ourselves.

Do you want to compliment others but is afraid of being called "fake"? - OR - do you want to dress yourself up in distinguished clothes but is anxious of being ridiculed?

A simple gratitude to yourself will make you a much more productive individual in Ereky. Gratitude improves how we perceive the world and how you value yourself. This subconsciously affect your thought; how you confront your work and how you look at the future which will all reflect upon how you will treat our customers.

Constantly ask yourself, are you willing to give a constructive feedback to your superior, colleagues or juniors? - OR - will you the individual who looks away at a mistake a colleague did?

In Ereky, we uphold the phrase: "To disagree silently is disloyal."

Do you prefer to avoid making your colleagues "lose face" – and risk damaging the very team you are in?

Consider this scenario, a very confident senior salesman practices his speech in front of his teams in preparation to present his clients on the next day. The team praises his sales pitch even knowing that there are flaws in his preparation, but decided against speaking up as they want to avoid any "trouble."

The next day, just as the team thought, the presentation was flawed, the sales pitch failed which costed the company a loss of opportunities due to the team's selfish act of "keeping quiet."

It's a wiser choice to give a constructive criticism upfront - always be thorough and honest - an argument at work is not unhealthy. An argument due to a constructive criticism is always healthy, it shows that we have leaders who are willing to risk themselves to give their honest opinion and leaders who are willing to "listen."

We do understand that it is hard to adjust as "speak up" culture is against all that you have engraved in yourself. Fret not, at Ereky, we actively help and coach you to fit in as part of Ereky's culture.

The best course of action is to give constructive feedbacks with the intent for the team to improve - your positive intent will be well received – as for those receiving such criticism, be grateful that anyone would risk themselves in order to place a constructive feedback, it just show how much they care for you.


In Ereky, we are actively looking for ambitious Captains to steer the ship or in a sport's analogy, a coach - to supervise the team and trust on their sportsmen.

Each individual has to be at their best, a capable peer, worthy of the word "success." You are here to be successful. Act and learn to be one. We are not looking for individuals who are excellent at doing their job or following orders; we are here for the legendary leaders to lead the team.

Following orders and doing things by the book is never good enough. Following orders maybe what other organizations needed, but it’s never good enough in Ereky. Here, you should strive for out-of-the-box and insane ideas. Keep in mind, we to be "exceptional."

Constantly ask yourself, what can I do to make the world a better place?

"Should I start by picking the trash I see in the aisle?", "Should I dress so I look at my best?", "How should I approach the customer so as to achieve the best result?", and so on.

We would like to be clear that we do not work by democratic rules; there majority does not rule. Just like a ship in a voyage, the Captain will decide on the best course of action.

The Captain will weight each of the consequences and assess the situation, through all of the information and insights provided by the team. Once the impact becomes clear, we shall again reflect on the decision and see if we could do better in the future.

Memorize these: “Commit to act, then act.”

You must start with yourself. Question your resolve. Seize the initiative. Be a role model.


In games, there are main quests and side quests. Some side quests are much more interesting than the main quest, ergo, some of us never ever bothered finishing the game, but instead, opted to complete the collection.

Side quests are comparable to the journey of life. For us, we all know that the destination to life is death but how can you live your life to the fullest if keep heading to the end of the destination?

Life is not about the destination, it's about the journey. You will ride the voyage with us, as part of our team - the journey will be long and filled with excitement.

There will be bump and obstacle along the way. We may need to change the courses or replenish our supplies at times, but we will keep moving forward. At times we may need to grow our own crops or even distill our own water. There’s no excuse, every individual in Ereky is responsible for Ereky’s survival.

Grow your skills, learn something new - if you are in the marketing sector, learn some IT; if you are in the R&D, learn some marketing and vice versa

We encourage everyone, including managers to improve their skills. Understand that the moment you become part of the team; you are part of the culture.

Everything that you learned while you're with us will be carried to the future - whether you fit in or not - we require you to be an avid learner.


Just like any other aspects of society, we seek to improvise. No culture last forever - as time passed, the culture may change for the better.

Every individual in Ereky is part of the culture. As time passed, your individuality will be engraved into the culture, blending and changing them as they see fit.


0. being trustworthy!

1. think out-of-the-box; go wild with your imagination!

2. don’t stay silent; express constructively!

3. be a leader, stay bold and decisive; seize the initiative!

4. diversify your skill!

Be bold, we're here to make changes! Start with our organization, then the society we live in, then only could we change the world.